5 Great ways to Meet New People at University

5 Great ways to Meet New People at University
7th June 2019 Sam Taylor

Blog By: Jonathon Sanderson, Current Student

1. Clubs and Societies

There are plenty of interest societies at university. Hang out with people with who you share a common interest, including movies, comics, tv, music and other academic activities. There’s something for everyone! These societies even form organize their own events and activities, such as fundraisers, so you can help out as well as have fun! And if none of them suit you, you can always form your own society! Just ask the student union for help and invite you anyone to join. There, you already have the makings of a new social circle.

2. Social Media

Join up on the university Facebook page to see who else is going to uni. Before you arrive, it’s a good idea to look for and friend on the freshers’ page for people who will be on your course or who will be living in accommodation as well. You can meet up with them on your first day and get to know each other! Moreover, this is a great way to find a place to live when you must move out of accommodation.

3. Volunteering

Universities have plenty of opportunities for volunteering. Weather it’s for the university itself, or for other industries. Volunteering lets you work with a variety of people, including fellow students. Why not hang out after a day’s work and get to know each other a little better? Plus, you’ll get work done a lot quicker with help!

4. Open Days

Pop along to an open day! As well as being an excellent way learn lots of useful things about uni life, as well as learning who you’ll be spending the next 3 – 4 years with. Ask around for the people doing your subject, make some friends, find out about the SU and societies, and prepare yourself for the uni lifestyle!

5. Lectures

Some say lectures get boring. And… well yes some are. Make your first ones more interesting by asking to sit next to someone in a lecture and they’ll surely say yes. Start a conversation while you wait for the lecture to begin. See if you have any shared hobbies or interests. Maybe decide to meet up later to compare notes. There, you have a new study partner. A study buddy to day can turn into a friend for life!


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