7th June 2019 Sam Taylor

Blog By: James White, Current Student.

Preparing for university will probably be the worst experience of your life. But don’t fear. That’s just because you’ll have to use Facebook.

In the lead up to starting at University, Facebook and Messenger are pretty much the only forms of communication between all the new people you’re going to meet. Group chats for course and accommodation, set up by someone with far too much free time, give you a chance to get to know all the people you’re going to be working and living with. It’s the one profile that almost everyone has, so it’s pretty much essential for social organisation. It’s useful year-round with pages for societies and clubs, featuring announcements and events.

Now that you’re acquainted with who you’re going to be working and living with, it’s best to sort out how you’re going to be working and living. Making this the second step means you’ll have plenty of people in the exact same situation to help you out.

Depending on your accommodation, you might have an app to get you checked in, and have everything sorted out for your move in date.

The same goes for university sites. Sites like Blackboard are used at universities all over the country, and provide a useful portal containing your schedule, grades and modules or classes. Make sure to sort it out as soon as you’re given a login by your university, as it’s vital to keeping up with classes.

This will also give you access to student union facilities, where you’ll be able to find clubs and societies reflecting your interests. Perhaps even the ability to start a society of your own, if you can’t find one you think others will enjoy.

When packing to move out, it’s best to keep things organised. Whether you’re putting things in suitcases, or crating things up, keep them in neat containers or boxes. It’s far quicker to unpack everything if it’s all neatly divided, which’ll leave your move-in date open for meeting your flat mates, and potentially exploring a new town or campus.

And finally, an essential item to pack – a good cook book. There are plenty of cheap cook books designed specifically for student budgets. It’s best to read one through before going to university, because it gives you a chance to buy non-perishables and herbs and spices which are used frequently, making meals easy to prepare. Also, it means you won’t be living off beans on toast for the first week. Or year.

Having a schedule for what meals you’d want to eat also makes budgeting a lot easier, as you can go to the shops once, buy everything in bulk, and then relax. As well as simplifying the process, it also means you’re less likely to impulse buy than if you’re going into the shops every day.

Preparing for student life is honestly an easy process – wading through emails and cook books is a little trouble, and once you’ve memorised everything, it’s really easy to slip into schedule.

The worst part, is of course, having to keep up with showing off Uni life to Facebook.


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